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Happy New Year!

Beelieve Foundation are delighted to announce our partnership with

Teach Active


We are thrilled and very excited to share our own new year news with you all.  We have extended our professional partnership with our great friends from Teach Active and have an attractive new offer available for schools during 2023.

Teach Active is an online resource which provides schools with plans and resources to deliver the maths and English curriculum through physical activity – improving attitudes and attainment to these core subjects, whilst also boosting physical and emotional well-being in the process. 


Bee-lieve Foundation passionately believe active children do better and that Teach Active should be used in all schools and enjoyed by all children. To support schools who may feel the same, but do not have the finances available, Bee-lieve foundation will cover 2/3 of the cost of a Teach Active subscription.

If your school would love to introduce Teach Active, but your finances are tight, please get in touch with us via the application button below.

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Here at the Beelieve Foundation, our aim is to support as many children and young people as possible.  So often, schools lack the vital funding and resources to implement preventative support to promote well-being, and early intervention to support those with emerging mental health needs.  If your school requires funding to support children with their mental health needs, we would love to hear from you.   You can apply now for a up to £1000 to spend on mental health resources, interventions, or programmes. For eligibility criteria and suggested use of funding, see below.



Eligibility criteria


-School must be within the UK

-State- funded primary/ secondary/ specialist/ PRU school

-Must have a Mental Health Lead in post to ensure funds are spent and implemented effectively

-Commits to measuring impact and completing an impact report after 6 months

-Funds will be spent on an evidence-informed early intervention or preventative measure to support well-being.


Examples of some eligible interventions and programmes


Preventative support for wellbeing


  • Bounce Together

  • Connect PSHE

  • Self-regulation resources

  • Staff Training


           Early Intervention programmes


  • Drawing and Talking Therapy training

  • ELSA training

  • Nurture Groups

  • CBT programmes

  • Kick London


Funding is limited and applications will be considered throughout the year.  If you have been successful in your application, you will hear from us within 3 months.

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