Our mission is to help as many young people and their families to deal positively with the challenges and trauma caused by mental health issues. Far too many members of our society currently have their lives turned upside down by anxiety, attachment disorders, stress, low self-esteem or depression.


We want to change that, we want to give them their hope back, we want to help them believe in themselves.

  Bee-lieve Foundation aims to support our community by providing specific training for teachers, Learning Support Assistants, parents and carers. This will facilitate intervention programmes in schools to directly support young people struggling with their mental health and well being.

We aim to provide regular drop-in sessions for parents to talk with others facing similar challenges at home and signpost them to other support groups within the local area.

 We also aim to help provide some respite for families by offering family activities or days out and encouraging participation in regular physical exercise, sport, music, art and crafts, performing arts, gardening and other outdoor activities.   Bee-lieve Foundation will assist by providing funding support if required.

Bee-lieve Foundation Trustees:

Mr Steve Tindall (Founder), Dr Mike Meredith (Chair), Dr Alison D'Amario,

Mr Chris Fields (Treasurer),

Miss Niamh Hunter (Secretary)

“The most extraordinary people in the world today don’t have a career. They have a mission.”


- Vishen Lakhiani  


Our Mission