Our Vision


Positive mental health & well being are the bedrock of a happy and successful life. Happy people contribute more positively to society and inspire those around them thus happy people lead to stronger and more successful communities.


Our vision for more positive mental health starts by changing every individual within our classrooms. By doing this we can change our schools, leading to change in our communities. If we can change enough communities, we can change the world.


Our vision is that every child and every adult understands that there are no stigmas attached to mental health issues.  There cannot be good health without good mental health and this comes from sharing our worries or anxieties.


   Bee-lieve Foundation's vision is for everyone to understand that our mental health is a priority, our happiness is an essential and self-care is a necessity.


Mental health should not be the single largest cause of disability in the UK. It’s time to change it together.

Bee-lieve Foundation Trustees:

Mr Steve Tindall (Founder), Dr Mike Meredith (Chair), Dr Alison D'Amario,

Mr Chris Fields (Treasurer),

Miss Niamh Hunter (Secretary)


"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others".


- Johnathan Swift